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Inktober 24: Marceline

The prompt was “Going Batty,” so here’s Marceline the Vampire Queen making her bat face.

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How to Ink Darth Vader

Oh, hi internet. I drew a Darth Vader. Want to know how I inked it? Okay, this is a great image to practice with. I did this in Manga Studio 5, but I used the […]

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Inktober 22 – Ghosted

A ghostly profile.

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Inktober 21

A drowned Statue of Liberty.

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Inktober day 20

A happy death.

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Pizza Knight

It’s Taco Knight’s greatest frenemy, the mighty Pizza Knight! See him champion his greasy, cheesy feudal overlord, King Pizza in the bloody mêlée! Gasp as he dukes it out with Taco Knight to see who […]

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Hadpanagus Halloween minicomics.

Way back in 2011, AZ created Hadpanagus, a bizarre mythical creature who steals people’s butts and uses them for food and clothing. He loves butts so much, he links them together to make a tail […]

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Inktober 17 & 18: Hell’s Fortune Cookie, Hot Dish

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Inktober 16: Amulet

Today’s prompt (courtesy of Jen Vaughn) was “100% Curse-free amulet. Honest!” Mine is dangling from an ancient standing-stone carved with arcane symbols. Because that’s also weird and spooky and definitely not cursed.

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Inktober 15: The Grave of Shane MacGowan

Fear not, lovely punkers, Shane MacGowan is not dead yet. But when he does kick off, I imagine it will be kicking AND screaming, and probably smashing with pub trays. Text is from the lyrics […]

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Inktober 14: What Happens When the Lights go Out

I doubt spiders and millipedes really crawl into people’s mouths at night, but it sure is creepy to imagine, so what better picture for Inktober/Drawlloween?

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Inktober 13: Taco Knight

Taco Knight takes to the field to defend the honor of the taco! See him charge into the fray to face his enemies, the dastardly taco trash-talkers. He rides victorious into battle on his fiery […]

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Inktober 10 & 11: Hadpanagus

Two illustrations for an upcoming Hadpanagus Halloween mini-comic!

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Inktober 9: Ad for a Hitman

The prompts for my Inktober sketches are coming from Jen Vaughn. This one was, “Ad for a Hitman.” I imagined a ridiculous, full-page, glossy magazine ad in the style of the much-parodied sexy Calvin Klein […]

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