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Useless Plant

Just something I did over the summer. Appeared in the online edition of the 2014 City Pages Comix Issue.

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The Miners and the Mullypaw

my comic from issue 4 of Cartozia Tales, with settings suggested by Jen Vaughn and Isaac Cates. Visit to read about the collaborative process.

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Shambling Tower (Cartozia)

Here’s a one-pager I did for Cartozia Tales, a series of collaborative all-ages fantasy comics I’ve been working on for the last year or so. The name “Shambling Tower” was suggested by editor Isaac Cates.

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Pretzel comics

Two silly comics about pretzels from July 2014.

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Places Warmer than Minnesota Today

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A cartoon about debt

A cartoon about debt. Drawn in Manga Studio, grey tone added in photoshop.

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Bantam cover art

Bantam cover, showing Bantam and Little Pecker swinging through the air over Cockham City, based on original Batman cover.

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Good Egg, Bad Egg

Drawing of Bantam fighting The Jerker. Ink on paper, 2013.

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Bantam comic

This is a preview of the Bantam comic I wrote and drew several years ago. It is available digitally on Comixology and Kindle. Or you can order an actual physical copy! The lovely, professionally-printed, perfect-bound […]

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Poison Ivy

Click to enlarge.

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SMPG Pinup

Why yes, it IS a picture of feminine hygiene products at a baseball game! This will appear in the next issue of Super Maxi-Pad Girl, which will debut at MCBA SpringCon in a couple of […]

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Lolly Comics

Lolly Poppet is having adventures in the imaginary land of Wibblewood. Click here to follow the comics online. A new page is posted each Friday.

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A cartoon about student debt…

…with Indiana Jones. Originally published by Crowded Comics, September 28, 2012.

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Malala Day cartoon.

Originally published by Crowded Comics, November 9, 2012.

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