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Ragnar Run Shirts

For the last few years, my husband has participated in the Great River Ragnar Run, and I have designed the shirts for his team. They’re always designed around a nostalgic bit of pop culture. The first year, the theme was Back to the Future, so I came up with this:


The second year, the team went with Star Trek, so I drew Spock being chased by the Ragnar Run logo (which, if you squint, kinda looks vaguely reminiscent of a Klingon warbird). The team logo, “Run long… and perspire” was on the back of the shirt.



For the third outing, the team revisits the 90’s with a loving tribute to a show we all grew up with. The team name is “Fresh Sprints” this year, so I lettered it in the style of Fresh Prince title, with running-themed graffiti similar to the backgrounds in the opening credits.


The back:


And Will Smith may have been the star, but we all know who stole the show, so here’s a close-up of my tiny dancing Carlton:


Children’s Lit Boat

Here is an illustration I made from my daughter’s old clothes. It appears on the cover of the catalog for The Loft’s 2013 Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference.

Forever Marilyn cartoon

Originally published by Crowded Comics, May 19, 2012.

Bees! Moons! Science!

Here are 2 more designs (and a poem) I did for Compass Girls, a company that makes science-themed shirts for girls. Check out the website, and like us on facebook.

She Digs Dinosaurs

This design I made is available as a T-shirt from Compass Girls, a company that makes science-themed shirts for girls. Check out their website, and like them on facebook.

Mind Ninja

A watercolor commission, done in 2011.

Map of St. Augustine, FL

I drew this in 2010. It is a map of the historic district of St. Augustine, FL.

Fiend Folio – Demi-Lich

A D&D themed commission from a couple years ago. It was fun to work on.


Fiend Folio – Gith

I poster I made for Classical Geek Theatre in…2008, I think. I didn’t know what a gith was until I drew this.

Fiend Foli-lol

Fiend Foli-lol