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Magical Mutant Frog Swamp

A strange frog like creature roams a swampy, tree-filled landscape. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint. Prints and things available at Society6 and Redbubble

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It’s a 2 for 1 classic game combo! Pac-Mario prints, shirts, etc available at Society 6, RedBubble and Threadless

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Bold Space Ladies

Just a little fan art. Not for sale, because copyrights.

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Taco Knight vs Pizza Knight

Good new if you love tacos and/or pizza: my Taco Knight vs. Pizza Knight poster is now available as a bite-sized postcard. Order them in packs of 5 or 10 from my store. You can […]

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Vader in color, with… other stuff

AZ gave me suggestions to improve/deface my Darth Vader drawing.

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Pinkie Pie’s Cake Mountain

Pinkie Pie climbing a giant cake, because giant cake! How else would you see what’s at the top? I did this in Manga Studio 5…nothing fancy, just using the standard pens and brushes built into […]

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Inktober 26: Captain Fozzle

Captain Fozzle* is a cat superhero AZ made up. She uses fozzle power to fight the evil $1 BBQ Ranch Burger. *Fozzles are what she calls the cat’s nipples.

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Inktober 24: Clue

The prompt was “the murder weapon,” and I had just finished playing Clue with the family.

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Inktober 24: Marceline

The prompt was “Going Batty,” so here’s Marceline the Vampire Queen making her bat face.

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How to Ink Darth Vader

Oh, hi internet. I drew a Darth Vader. Want to know how I inked it? Okay, this is a great image to practice with. I did this in Manga Studio 5, but I used the […]

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Inktober 22 – Ghosted

A ghostly profile.

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Inktober 21

A drowned Statue of Liberty.

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Inktober day 20

A happy death.

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Pizza Knight

It’s Taco Knight’s greatest frenemy, the mighty Pizza Knight! See him champion his greasy, cheesy feudal overlord, King Pizza in the bloody mêlée! Gasp as he dukes it out with Taco Knight to see who […]

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