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Darth Vader, Only You Could be so Bold.

Acrylic Vader-web

Splashy, bold Darth Vader in acrylic paint.

Lolly comic details

Here are some of my favorite details from recent pages of Lolly Poppet, my hand-painted webcomic. If you haven’t been reading, get caught up at As of today, there are 77 pages up, plus some blog posts on character design and other projects!

Custart Q Quiggley

Crumble Puppy and creatures

Lolly shouty

Custard Q Quiggley detail 2

Lolly detail

Chlaw and Pac-Mario

I did these a few years ago and neglected to add them to this site.



Mr Bean

Digital caricature of Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean. Photoshop, winter 2013.


Ink & watercolor, spring 2014


A personification of isolation. Watercolor and ink on paper. November 2013.

Bantam cover art

Bantam cover, showing Bantam and Little Pecker swinging through the air over Cockham City, based on original Batman cover.

Bantam and Water Fowl

Bantam and Water Fowl, of the Interdisciplinary League of Good Eggs. Acrylic on wood, 2012

This is a train…

Seen chugging past Indeed Brewing Company over the weekend. Drawn & painted on 10/14/2013

Bottineau Library

Watercolor sketch of the courtyard in front of Bottineau Library in Northeast Minneapolis. Drawn and painted on October 14, 2013.

The Tain

What I would put on the cover of the Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge.


Watercolor & ink painting of Nidhogg, the mythological creature who gnaws the roots of Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree.

Ice Fishing

Watercolor and ink. Finished April 16, 2013.

Little Doors

Watercolor and ink. Finished April 16, 2013.
Some public parks in Minneapolis have trees with little doors in them. We pretend elves and trolls live in them. Kids like to leave little treasures inside for the elves.