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During March 2015 I drew a series of illustrations of famous women from history. I’m now compiling some of them into a hand-bound zine, which will be available at Autoptic at the end of summer. You can order prints of them in my web store.

Grace O’Malley, called the Pirate Queen of Connacht, controlled a large section of the Irish coast. She was a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth I, and even went to court to negotiate with her. It is said that O’Malley refused to bow, because she didn’t recognize Elizabeth as queen of Ireland.


Jackie Ormes was the first African American woman with her own syndicated comic strip. The characters in her comics were smart and fashionable. She sometimes drew paper doll cutouts for Torchy Brown.


The Trung Sisters lived in Vietnam 2000 years ago. They led an uprising against Chinese rule. Many of the generals they trained were women. national heroes!


Boudica was Queen of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe in Britain. The Romans flogged her, raped her daughters and annexed her kingdom after her husband died, so she led a rebellion against them. Local tribes rallied to her to fight back against the tyrannical occupiers, and they sacked several cities, including London.


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