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Hadpanagus Halloween minicomics.

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Way back in 2011, AZ created Hadpanagus, a bizarre mythical creature who steals people’s butts and uses them for food and clothing. He loves butts so much, he links them together to make a tail of trophy butts, which he proudly wears alongside his actual tail. AZ’s original description was so funny, it led other artists to draw their own versions of the creature. Now our trip round the bend culminates in Hadpanagus’s inclusion in this year’s bundle of assorted Cartozia Halloween mini-comics. The Hadpanagus book features my illustrations with verses written by Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe. If you want Halloween minis to pass out to trick-or-treaters, you can order them online at the Cartozia storefront.

And as long as you’re clicking links, open a tab for our current Kickstarter campaign to reprint issue 1 with bonus content! A pledge of only $8 gets you a copy of the new, improved issue 1. Higher tier rewards include 10 issue bundles, original art, and more!



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