Inktober 7 & 8

Share this post: The prompt for this one was “Country Music Massacre:” This prompt was “What I hope isn’t on my tombstone:”

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Inktober 6: Viking Burial at Sea

Share this post: A flaming Viking ship heading out to sea.

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Inktober: Internal Demon & Cat Magic

Share this post: This is why you shouldn’t have too many cats. They get into your runes and curse you, and then you end up with a case of demons.

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Inktober – Vampire bar

Share this post: The vampire bar has blood on tap, and bottled blood of every type!

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Inktober Skull

Share this post: This creepy drawing of poisonous mushrooms growing from the mouth of a skull is my first Inktober sketch of 2015. I had a pretty great osteology lab class in college, and I […]

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Pineapples are Bromeliads

Share this post: Dude. Order prints or other items at Society 6 or RedBubble.

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Pineapples are Hardcore

Share this post: Pineapples are so hardcore with their prickly attitudes and tough exteriors. But we all know they’re really sweet on the inside. Order prints or other items at Society 6 or RedBubble.

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The Majestic Pineapple

Share this post: The majestic, golden pineapple. It’s the king and/or queen of fruits. (It is so above gender.) Bow down to the holy pineapple and display your allegiance by buying a shirt or print […]

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Existentially Absurd

Share this post: It’s a… uh… Available on stuff at Society6 and RedBubble

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Deep Space Nine Ponies

Share this post: Commander Sisko and Major Kira at Quark’s…as ponies. Sisko’s cutie mark is a Starfleet emblem with a baseball in the middle, Kira’s is a Bajoran insignia, and Quark’s is a few bars […]

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Irish Tan

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Lolly comic details

Share this post: Here are some of my favorite details from recent pages of Lolly Poppet, my hand-painted webcomic. If you haven’t been reading, get caught up at As of today, there are 77 […]

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Super Hans

Share this post: My caricature of Matt King as Super Hans on Peep Show. I drew this a couple years ago when I was first learning Manga Studio, but forgot to post it here.

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Share this post: The Kroyl is a funny sea serpent that’s soooo longĀ it gets tangled up and occasionally needs to be saved from itself. I like to imagine that it gets really excited and swims […]

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