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Ragnar Run Shirts

For the last few years, my husband has participated in the Great River Ragnar Run, and I have designed the shirts for his team. They’re always designed around a nostalgic bit of pop culture. The first year, the theme was Back to the Future, so I came up with this:


The second year, the team went with Star Trek, so I drew Spock being chased by the Ragnar Run logo (which, if you squint, kinda looks vaguely reminiscent of a Klingon warbird). The team logo, “Run long… and perspire” was on the back of the shirt.



For the third outing, the team revisits the 90’s with a loving tribute to a show we all grew up with. The team name is “Fresh Sprints” this year, so I lettered it in the style of Fresh Prince title, with running-themed graffiti similar to the backgrounds in the opening credits.


The back:


And Will Smith may have been the star, but we all know who stole the show, so here’s a close-up of my tiny dancing Carlton:


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