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The Game of LIFE, Dontcha Know

This little comic was first published–in color–in the 2012 City Pages Comix Issue. See the color version, and a couple dozen other comics by Minnesota artists, at the Comix Issue Microsite.

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Hadpanagus Meets Krampus

A comic I drew during the 2011 holidays, starring Krampus and Hadpanagus, a couple of rascally hunters.

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Anti-Girl vs. Spring

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Alastair the Alliterative Anthropomorphic Animal

Alastair the Alliterative Anthropomorphic Animal desperately wants to star in a kiddie book, but nobody takes him seriously. This was printed in an anthology called “Imaginary Friends” in 2011.

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Anti-Girl vs the ATM Line

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Those Poor Women

A single panel cartoon I drew in 2009.

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Archaeologists of the Future

Some single-panel cartoons I drew in 2009. In the future, when centuries of technological innovation have rendered all the media of our age unreadable, unwatchable, and unlistenable…what will they think of us?

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Don Quixote

I drew this in 2008. This cartoon is now available in magnet form at my zazzle shop: http://www.zazzle.com/volsungaloop

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