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Magical Mutant Frog Swamp

A strange frog like creature roams a swampy, tree-filled landscape. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint. Prints and things available at Society6 and Redbubble

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Ear hair you will have, when 900 years old you reach

Yoda painted in acrylic with real ear fur!

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Vader in color, with… other stuff

AZ gave me suggestions to improve/deface my Darth Vader drawing.

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Hadpanagus Halloween minicomics.

Way back in 2011, AZ created Hadpanagus, a bizarre mythical creature who steals people’s butts and uses them for food and clothing. He loves butts so much, he links them together to make a tail […]

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Existentially Absurd

It’s a… uh… Available on stuff at Society6 and RedBubble

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The Kroyl is a funny sea serpent that’s soooo long it gets tangled up and occasionally needs to be saved from itself. I like to imagine that it gets really excited and swims around spastically, like […]

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The Miners and the Mullypaw

my comic from issue 4 of Cartozia Tales, with settings suggested by Jen Vaughn and Isaac Cates. Visit cartozia.com to read about the collaborative process.

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This is Your Space Taxi Driver

Digital sci-fi drawing done in Manga Studio, July 2014. Thought it’d be funny to draw a cockpit with a dashboard like an old car.

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A personification of isolation. Watercolor and ink on paper. November 2013.

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Watercolor of Greedo, the alien who is killed by Han Solo in the cantina in Star Wars: a New Hope. I didn’t use any pencil or ink to draw this–I started it and finished it […]

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Watercolor of a gremlin, done in November 2011. I didn’t do any penciling on this one–just went straight to watercolors.

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Watercolor of Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson as Moss and Jen on The IT Crowd. A tnetennba is a docile, furry creature that can be kept as a pet, and worn in a variety of […]

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Hallo, Dear Moose Bear

This is a watercolor I did for the $99 sale at The Soap Factory. August, 2011.

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Hadpanagus Meets Krampus

A comic I drew during the 2011 holidays, starring Krampus and Hadpanagus, a couple of rascally hunters.

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