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Alastair Painting

A watercolor sketch of Alastair, looking much happier than he did in his comic. May 2011.

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Alastair the Alliterative Anthropomorphic Animal

Alastair the Alliterative Anthropomorphic Animal desperately wants to star in a kiddie book, but nobody takes him seriously. This was printed in an anthology called “Imaginary Friends” in 2011.

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…And Proud Of It!

This weird tentacled creature is letting his freak flag fly. Watercolor, 2011.

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Watercolor sketches for Halloween

I painted these in October 2010, on 2.5 x 3.5″ sketch cards. A sad ogre with a claw arm. A disgruntled-looking Moose-Bear And a Buggy-eyed Clawcodile.

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Fiend Folio – Gith

I poster I made for Classical Geek Theatre in…2008, I think. I didn’t know what a gith was until I drew this.

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