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Matia in Color.


My story for issue 7 of Cartozia Tales is set in Matia, the Mother Wood on the western continent. If you’ve seen my paintings and my Lolly Poppet comic, you can probably tell that I like drawing trees. Though the panels in my Cartozia stories are usually quite small (like many of my Cartozia colleagues, I’ve been laying out the pages with 4 tiers so I can fit in as much story as possible), I wanted the tree in this panel to seem huge and expansive.

It’s design is based partly on the live oaks found in the southeastern U.S. Those trees grow huge, meandering branches that can arch down to the ground, descend into the soil, and re-emerge, as if they were trunks of separate trees. This panel is too small to capture that hugeness, but I tried to simulate it by extending the branches in the foreground to the bottom corners of the panel, as if they are extending toward the viewer.

The black and white version above is how the panel will appear in print (soon)! Just for fun, I made a color version to share online. (Because I’m excited that the mew issue will be in print soon. Soon!) Order yourself a subscription at Cartozia.com and our editor will mail you ALL THE ISSUES! That means you can get actual FUN mail that isn’t ads or bills! It’s a win!


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Career Fairy


I drew this to critique the way art is devalued. Young artists are often scoffed at and told that they’ll starve, they’ll always be poor. When even artists repeat the refrain that art degrees are useless, there is a problem with either deeply-ingrained defeatism, or a lack of practical guidance (usually both). There are lots of interesting things you can do with arts degrees in the public and private sectors, and in multiple industries. It is not always easy, but it is rewarding. Art is everywhere, and people pay money for it. If only more parents and educators told young artists HOW to succeed in the arts, instead of discouraging them.

If you want a print of this, there are a few different options:

Order a signed print through my fancy internet store on this very website.

Cards with this design are available through my RedBubble store.

Framed, unsigned prints are available through Society6.

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Fierce People

During March 2015 I drew a series of illustrations of famous women from history. I’m now compiling some of them into a hand-bound zine, which will be available at Autoptic at the end of summer. You can order prints of them in my web store.

Grace O’Malley, called the Pirate Queen of Connacht, controlled a large section of the Irish coast. She was a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth I, and even went to court to negotiate with her. It is said that O’Malley refused to bow, because she didn’t recognize Elizabeth as queen of Ireland.


Jackie Ormes was the first African American woman with her own syndicated comic strip. The characters in her comics were smart and fashionable. She sometimes drew paper doll cutouts for Torchy Brown.


The Trung Sisters lived in Vietnam 2000 years ago. They led an uprising against Chinese rule. Many of the generals they trained were women. national heroes!


Boudica was Queen of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe in Britain. The Romans flogged her, raped her daughters and annexed her kingdom after her husband died, so she led a rebellion against them. Local tribes rallied to her to fight back against the tyrannical occupiers, and they sacked several cities, including London.


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Cartozia #7 teaser images

I won’t give too much away here, but my next Cartozia ( <- click the link to subscribe!) story will feature Phibbits. Phibbits are a race of froglike people I created for Cartozia. These two juveniles are called Kibble and Pip. phibbitkids

Here are a few teaser images from the comic. It is set in the woods, and I had fun drawing all the trees. I tried to make them look like they were done with pen and ink, but they’re completely digital. I used Manga Studio to draw the comic.




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The Miners and the Mullypaw

my comic from issue 4 of Cartozia Tales, with settings suggested by Jen Vaughn and Isaac Cates. Visit cartozia.com to read about the collaborative process.

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Pretzel comics

Two silly comics about pretzels from July 2014.

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Mr Bean

Digital caricature of Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean. Photoshop, winter 2013.

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This is Your Space Taxi Driver

Digital sci-fi drawing done in Manga Studio, July 2014. Thought it’d be funny to draw a cockpit with a dashboard like an old car.

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Places Warmer than Minnesota Today

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A cartoon about debt

A cartoon about debt. Drawn in Manga Studio, grey tone added in photoshop.

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SMPG Pinup

Why yes, it IS a picture of feminine hygiene products at a baseball game!
This will appear in the next issue of Super Maxi-Pad Girl, which will debut at MCBA SpringCon in a couple of weeks.

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