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Inktober 26: Captain Fozzle

Captain Fozzle* is a cat superhero AZ made up. She uses fozzle power to fight the evil $1 BBQ Ranch Burger. *Fozzles are what she calls the cat’s nipples.

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Inktober 24: Clue

The prompt was “the murder weapon,” and I had just finished playing Clue with the family.

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Inktober 24: Marceline

The prompt was “Going Batty,” so here’s Marceline the Vampire Queen making her bat face.

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Inktober 22 – Ghosted

A ghostly profile.

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Inktober 21

A drowned Statue of Liberty.

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Inktober day 20

A happy death.

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Inktober 17 & 18: Hell’s Fortune Cookie, Hot Dish

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Inktober 16: Amulet

Today’s prompt (courtesy of Jen Vaughn) was “100% Curse-free amulet. Honest!” Mine is dangling from an ancient standing-stone carved with arcane symbols. Because that’s also weird and spooky and definitely not cursed.

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Inktober 15: The Grave of Shane MacGowan

Fear not, lovely punkers, Shane MacGowan is not dead yet. But when he does kick off, I imagine it will be kicking AND screaming, and probably smashing with pub trays. Text is from the lyrics […]

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Inktober 14: What Happens When the Lights go Out

I doubt spiders and millipedes really crawl into people’s mouths at night, but it sure is creepy to imagine, so what better picture for Inktober/Drawlloween?

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Inktober 13: Taco Knight

Taco Knight takes to the field to defend the honor of the taco! See him charge into the fray to face his enemies, the dastardly taco trash-talkers. He rides victorious into battle on his fiery […]

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Inktober 10 & 11: Hadpanagus

Two illustrations for an upcoming Hadpanagus Halloween mini-comic!

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Inktober 9: Ad for a Hitman

The prompts for my Inktober sketches are coming from Jen Vaughn. This one was, “Ad for a Hitman.” I imagined a ridiculous, full-page, glossy magazine ad in the style of the much-parodied sexy Calvin Klein […]

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Inktober 7 & 8

The prompt for this one was “Country Music Massacre:” This prompt was “What I hope isn’t on my tombstone:”

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