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Inktober 6: Viking Burial at Sea


A flaming Viking ship heading out to sea.

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Inktober: Internal Demon & Cat Magic

This is why you shouldn’t have too many cats. They get into your runes and curse you, and then you end up with a case of demons.



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Inktober – Vampire bar

inktober2-lotta blood

The vampire bar has blood on tap, and bottled blood of every type!

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Inktober Skull


This creepy drawing of poisonous mushrooms growing from the mouth of a skull is my first Inktober sketch of 2015. I had a pretty great osteology lab class in college, and I still tend to get sucked into the details of bones whenever I draw them. This isn’t the most anatomically accurate skull I’ve ever drawn (trying to work quickly) but I did put in some features you’d find on the real thing.

Here are some more detailed ones from my old lab notebook, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing:






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