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Lolly comic details

Here are some of my favorite details from recent pages of Lolly Poppet, my hand-painted webcomic. If you haven’t been reading, get caught up at lolly-poppet.com. As of today, there are 77 pages up, plus […]

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Lolly Comics

Lolly Poppet is having adventures in the imaginary land of Wibblewood. Click here to follow the comics online. A new page is posted each Friday.

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Lolly Poppet cover art

This is the cover art for my upcoming children’s book, Lolly Poppet’s Lousy Year. Available for pre-order from Seventh Avenue Productions.

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The Whisper

I always thought it would be fun to make one of those pictures with wacky perspective. Summer 2012.

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