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Grumpy Porg

It’s a Grumpy Cat inspired Porg. Acrylic paint on canvas.

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Ear hair you will have, when 900 years old you reach

Yoda painted in acrylic with real ear fur!

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Darth Vader, Only You Could be so Bold.

Splashy, bold Darth Vader in acrylic paint.

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Vader in color, with… other stuff

AZ gave me suggestions to improve/deface my Darth Vader drawing.

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How to Ink Darth Vader

Oh, hi internet. I drew a Darth Vader. Want to know how I inked it? Okay, this is a great image to practice with. I did this in Manga Studio 5, but I used the […]

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Watercolor of Greedo, the alien who is killed by Han Solo in the cantina in Star Wars: a New Hope. I didn’t use any pencil or ink to draw this–I started it and finished it […]

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Impersonating a Deity

A fun watercolor I did in January 2011. Indiana Jones and C-3PO.

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